Divorce and Depression


Over the past few weeks I have met with over 10 separate people inquiring about getting a divorce. Many had tried couple counseling, some had kept all their problems to themselves, others were just finalizing a long time separation. However, what may sound self evident to some people, was newly connected in my mind, that is, divorce and depression are interrelated. Many people think that depression is not a real or significant factor in day to day life, but nothing could be further from the truth. Depression is not a couple thing, it is a deeply personal issue that is not readily apparent from a person’s actions. An easy way to deal with depression is to blame those around us, and often the easiest person to blame is the person closest to you. So, if you feel that you love your spouse but still want to get a divorce (a common situation), think about going to a doctor and talking about your feelings, maybe you can save your marriage and in the process help yourself.

There are plenty of websites about depression on the web and how to deal with getting a hold of your life. I know that people often have a miraculous recovery from medication and you should discuss that option with your doctor. Depression is often masked by success, (Heath Ledger, Owen Wilson, Craig Ferguson, Brittany Spears to name a few). In the above monologue from late night host Craig Ferguson he talks about his battle with alcoholism, (a symptom of depression) and gives one of the most touching talks about people in distress. It may not be directly on point but I just love his attitude.

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