Marciano about Mcgreevey and Divorce

I was recently, May 12, 2008, asked to appear on Court TV, now known as TruTv to comment on the McGreevey divorce proceeding on the Jamie Floyd show. It was a great time and I have a new found respect for those talking heads on TV. Before I sat at the table and went on air I toured the facility with my wife Judy. The control room for this little production was staffed by 15 people, each was seated behind a computer monitor while watching a wall of at least 50 monitors. Then there was my personal assistant Ty, her assistant Alex the Intern, the makeup guy, the sound women and Deb Cote the producer of the McGreevey segment. They were all so professional and pleasant that you could see why the interns work for free. The host, Jamie Floyd was smart and in control and was able to seemingly effortlessly keep up a level of excitement to move things along, My thanks to all on the production and I hope to be on again.

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