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Just received the Appellate Court’s Decision in a trial I had in Hudson County Chancery Court that reversed the Trial Court’s judgment. This was an interesting case involving rent control in Hoboken, reformation and rescission of a contract, and many other points of law discussing what happens when rent control issues come to play in the sale of a multi unit building. It also is a great example of how slow the legal process is and how Judges can be wrong and how the system does allow a person to appeal and overturn a judges decision. For those that are not attorneys it must not make that much sense that decisions and opinions at the trial level are not always correct. In this case the Trial judge is one of the smartest and fairest judges that I have appeared in front of, but for whatever reason he saw the case as presented in way that my client thought was incorrect, so we appealed, and thankfully three appellate court judges took the time and effort to write a 19 page opinion that reversed the trial judge’s judgment so that my client won his case.


Lets Go President Obama !!!

From a day to day perspective, the Hoboken real estate market is not as bad as it might seem from all the negative press. Each aspect of the transaction: contract, appraisal, mortgage, insurance, inspections tends to need more attention, every party involved in a purchase wants to be sure that everything is in order. FHA loans and FHA spot approvals are becoming more common and require more attention. But people need to move, and buying real estate, with it tax benefits, still makes sense.

Prices are holding up, but it is clear that buyers will not even consider properties that are not priced to be reflective of the current market. The best strategy for a seller is to price low and wait for the buyers to bid the price up. We are all hoping that the new policies of President Obama will make a big difference and bring some needed confidence to the market.

Erin Weed is a client and friend and an extraordinary person who has created a life dedicated to more than just herself. Go to her website to learn about simple strategies for self defense. On her product page you can find items as a pepper spray key chain, mini window alarm, door stop alarm and other items that will give you a slight edge in case of assault or burglary. From the personal experience of clients and friends I know that Hoboken is not as safe as it seems. Lurking around this town are bad people just looking for that moment of vulnerability. And for all those women who travel for work and find themselves alone in hotels, the techniques and devices that GFB offer can literally be the difference between life and death.


One of the biggest changes I have noticed in my law practice is the changing makeup of Hoboken’s residents. As anyone with any knowledge of Hoboken’s history knows, (check out Hoboken’s Museum) Hoboken’s rapid growth in the 1900’s first started with the Germans, then Irish and Italians and Yugoslavians, then Puerto Ricans then Artists then standard American Yuppies (see Yuppies Invade My House at Dinnertime) and now people are calling Hoboken home coming from countries clear around the world. Over the past few years over half of my new clients have come from China and India, mostly employees of the big financial companies in New York and the Pharmaceutical companies of New Jersey. I have had closings, divorces and adoptions that have involved serving people in China, India, France, Brazil, Sweden, Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, Croatia, Persians, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Iraq, Russia, Georgia, Philippines, Pakistan, Argentina, South Korea, Peru, Taiwan, Japan, Ghana, South Africa, Hong Kong, Bhutan (never even heard of Bhutan but it seems like a great place near Tibet, imagine living here)


Using Google Earth I have located client’s childhood homes in Pakistan, Argentina, Peru, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Denmark, Uruguay, France, Italy, Shanghai, and most recently Kuwait. Of course, clients also have roots in the good ole USA. Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Idaho, Seattle, Mexico, Montana, South Jersey, Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens, the list goes on and on.

If it sounds overwhelming, then I am giving the wrong impression. The point is that it’s not like other urban communities where in different areas different nationalities live together, here in Hoboken we are all thrown together in a safe and secure City. And I must say I love it all. If you live or work in Hoboken then you are part of a great little town that is a window to the world. The flag above, which I worked on with friends years ago, tries to represent the fact that we are all together on this planet, and on this Fourth of July weekend we should all be proud that America truly is home to the World.

hoboken%20garage.gifRealty Times – Housing Counsel: Disable Persons are Entitled to Reasonable Parking Accommodations

Read the full Complaint filed by the United States HUD against the owners and managers of Condominium complex accusing them of discrimination by not providing a handicapped parking space to an owner that requested such space, even though all the spaces had already been assigned.

Read the Settlement of the Complaint in which the Plaintiff was assigned a parking spot, was paid $10,000 in damages and the Defendant ordered to comply with HUD’s regulations regarding Handicapped Parking Access.

iStock_000004901984XSmall.jpgStart Here “Home improvement Contracting”

Obtain a written contract. Contracts for home improvement projects costing $500 or more must be written and must include the legal name and business address of the contractor as well as a start date, a completion date, a description of the work to be done, and the total price. The contract must also include the contractor’s registration number.

• Make sure all warranties and guarantees are in writing, and that the contract states name brands or quality/grades of materials to be used.

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