Grandma Power at the Jersey Shore ( a better reality)


It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s the weekend.  Stay home , watch TV, take a nap.  Well my brother-in-law’s mother, “Sitti” to her wonderful grandchildren, was out at the Jersey Shore, surf fishing.   This picture of her all suited up and ready to hit the waves, is just so inspiring that I had to make it my first post of the year.  Betty Topazio is full of life and laughter as anyone can see in her beaming smile.   I truly believe that the energy and spirit of some like Betty is more powerful that a speeding locomotive.  And of course (and this is no fish story) she was the only one to actually catch a fish!!!!

In our youth obsessed culture, success is measured by how thin and smooth your body is, but no amount of botox can fill your life with purpose.  My New Year resolutions are to keep moving, embrace change, laugh even louder, love more and in turn be loved more and strive to live a life worth loving.

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