Cake Boss Fans from Pittsburgh flocking to Hoboken

How cool is this:

Hoboken Cake Boss  1Was at my office this Sunday and coming down the street is this great group of women laughing and having a great time, as they approached I saw that they had “Cake Boss” T-Shirts on and I just had to take a picture. They were full of fun and when I asked them where they were from they said “PITTSBURGH” and that they came all the way here just to see the Cake Boss’s store, (actually they were visiting New York, but it makes for a far better story if they just came to Hoboken for the biggest celebrity Hoboken has had since Sinatra. Passing by the store I have actually since young girls 5 or 6 years old, squealing in excitement over their chance to see the Cake Boss in Person.) They have 3 to 4 hour lines on some days with people from all over the world. It is so great to have such a positive person as a symbol for Hoboken. All those politician types can’t lick the sweet spatula of the Cake Boss. And just as I was about to leave the Pittsburghians said, “look look at the back of the shirts” and I learned a little bit about bakery slang with “Dirty Ice This” slogan, as you can see here:

Hoboken Cake Boss 2

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