Sinatra is so Yesterday, Today It’s The Cake Boss, Snookie and the Legal Eagles !!! aka (Max and Colleen)



Earlier today, Max and Colleen, needing a break from their hard days’ work, went to Carlos Bake, home of the Cake Boss, and stepped into the unreal world of reality TV by running into “Snookie” from the “Jersey Shore” who just happened to be in Hoboken visiting the Cake Boss.  Check out the hat on Snookie, the “poofy Jersey shore hair style” on Max and Colleen and the strategically placed “Carlos” coffee cup. 
I was told that Snookie was a lot of fun and that the whole scene was just hilarious, but I for one am a little concerned when Snookie starts setting the fashion trends in Hoboken.  One step forward, two steps back !!! 
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